We are delighted that 100% of our students passed their iGCSE, GCSE, A level and IB exams this year with many achieving the top, A, A* and level 7 grades.

At Feynman Education, we pride ourselves on bringing the highest caliber of private tutoring and education consultancy to Abu Dhabi, focusing on each individual’s needs.

We realise that people achieve the greatest results when they are engaged and inspired. Making the educational experience an enjoyable and fulfilling one is a key part of what we do.

Our tutors aim to build a strong working relationship with each child, focusing on the weaknesses and building on their strengths. We not only help children attain the highest exam results but also advise children on school and university admissions. Our tutors are well equipped to helping students transition into different educational systems as well as working with children with various learning difficulties. The process of private tuition varies on a case-by-case basis, but typically our tutors help contextualise learning, providing examples, methods and formulae that students can learn and remember.

Our tutors are here for you and are personally involved every step of the way, giving you progress reports detailing the work covered in the lessons and tests.