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For many families in the Commonwealth of Independent States, the new immigration law and the ban on retail marketing are tantamount to cutting off the only source of livelihood. If the Russian government to amend the two act, no other CIS "brothers" will not be like Kyrgyzstan to take retaliatory measures, China will inevitably be implicated in trouble by cheap foamposites although there are only about 4000~5000 Chinese nationals working in Kyrgyzstan, the proportion of foreign nationals who do business in the country is higher. Therefore, after Kyrgyzstan in January this year, followed by Russia issued a "ban", and this month issued "according to the Russian trend postponed orders", in the country to do business with Chinese mood will undoubtedly have indefinite policy. for illegal immigrants from other countries in the CIS "legalization" movement of the Russian government, before and after 3 days this month, the Kyrgyz government also decided to "repay", suspend the implementation of act restrictions on foreign citizens engaged in retail business in the country on the market before January 1, 2008. although it seems to set aside the Chinese breathing machine, but if Russia does not modify its cis immigration policies, including in Chinese, Chinese in other countries of CIS, would not be optimistic. Ji ban Italy in retaliation for it is understood that China businessmen in Russia, Kyrgyzstan and other countries mainly engaged in wholesale and retail trade. Although the legislation of the Kyrgyz government and the subsequent amble is not simply against the Chinese, but the Chinese losses is larger. Kyrgyzstan officials do not deny that they introduced the "ban", rooted in russia. : many factors have led to other countries in the CIS have always been dependent on Russia, Russia's every move will undoubtedly touch the interests of these fraternal countries. Many CIS countries, when formulating policies, should even refer to Russian policies. to Russia's new immigration law and market retail ban (January 15th foreigners have accounted for booth number shall not exceed 40%, in the Russian retail market in April 1st completely banned foreigners engaged in retail business in the Russian market) as an example, although Russia to other CIS countries left 6 million people's labor quota, but still cause the concern and strong dissatisfaction. The president of Kyrgyzstan even wrote to Putin himself and asked for it