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Psychology Degrees: Your Top Questions Answered

In our most recent Masterclasses with Regina Suleymanova we explored the topic of Psychology degrees and future career paths that are available to BSc and BA Psychology graduates. In this article you will find some helpful answers to the top questions that we addressed during the Masterclass.

Which is considered more prestigious, a BA or a BSc?

The differences between a BA and a BSc degree has already been discussed in our previous article here. However, there is no such difference when it comes to a level of prestige between these two.

How can this choice of BSc or BA affect your future career?

Fingerprint ID scanEither degree would equip you with a different perspective and knowledge of Psychology and could take you in slightly different directions if you want to pursue further study and a psychology-related career. However, if you would like to go into other industries after graduation, a BA degree would be more suitable for Writing, Media and Creative jobs. A BSc on the other hand, will be more suitable for science-related industries, such as Healthcare.

How are you examined in an undergraduate Psychology degree?

Again, that would vary between a BA and a BSc. Mostly the exams would be open questions with an expectation to write long answers. However, in the BSc course there will also be some statistical knowledge exams with short numerical questions and these could also include multiple choice answers. In your last year of study, you would conduct your own independent research study, which would provide a lot of credits towards your final degree.

What careers are available for Psychology graduates?

Forensic PsychologistThere are two main directions that you can choose: stay within the field of psychology or go into another industry where you can apply your psychology knowledge.

We have previously posted an article which addresses transferable skills that you gain from completing a Psychology degree and different professional sectors where psychology graduates work. You can read our article here for more in-depth information.

A more conventional choice for graduates is to pursue a career as a Psychologist. In order to become a qualified Psychologist, you would need further study to specialise in the area that will become your expertise. As Psychology is an ever developing field, this would require many fascinating years of further study, both purely academically as well as whilst you are working. We have previous written an article regarding the different paths within psychology and where you can specialise; you will soon see that there are plenty of options to choose from!

How can I prepare before I start my Psychology course?

The first step is to be clear on the choice between a BA and a BSc. Once you start considering different universities, make sure you check the modules they offer. It’s important for you to choose and apply to the universities that have the modules that you find interesting. If you are not sure, do your own research to work out if the offered modules would interest you. You can also find textbooks to guide students on what to expect from the course, how to approach your studies, how to write reports and prepare for the exams.

Thomas M. Heffernan’s book ‘The Student’s Guide To Studying Psychology’ is one we would recommend if you are considering pursuing Psychology as a degree. You can find it online here.

Still have questions about your Psychology choices?

We can help if you are still not sure or need some further support and advice. We offer a free consultation for students who are interested in pursuing Psychology degrees and careers. Get in touch with our experts here to book your free consultation.


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