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Unusual Career Paths for Psychology Graduates

Have you considered studying Psychology at university, but are not sure which careers you can pursue with a Psychology degree? In reality, you would be surprised to find how versatile it is and the ways it can benefit you down the line. Read on to find out more about the more unusual career paths you can take as a psychology graduate.

Transferable skills

3D brain scanAs a psychology student, you would cover both quantitative and qualitative research and equip yourself with a balanced understanding of sciences and humanities. Therefore, students gain a distinctive set of transferable skills by the end of their studies that are useful in every industry. These skills include problem solving, research and analysis, critical thinking, attention to detail, writing, communication, prioritising and many more. All of these skills are viewed as highly desirable by employers who are looking to hire new graduates. So which careers can you consider with a Psychology degree?

Human Resources

Every organisation regardless of the industry (private or non-profit) has a Human Resources Department to assist with the process of recruiting new people for the company, dealing with salaries and employee rights. The type of work would include interviewing with potential candidates, employee relations and conducting training with an aim to improve the overall quality of the work environment.

Public Relations, Media and Advertising

Social media appsGlobal retail brands, such as those in the food and beverage industry, skincare, fashion or pharmaceuticals look to create and maintain a positive public image. Therefore, they need employees to write persuasive advertisements or technical product-specific information, research target audiences, collect and analyse data, publish press releases and work in internal communications. The study and research of human behaviour in Psychology would be highly applicable for working in any of these Departments.

Marketing and Sales

Digital marketing bookWorking in Marketing and Sales requires an understanding of workplace behaviour and utilising marketing data for different purposes, such as influencing the market and its consumers. In these jobs interpersonal, persuasion and other psychological skills are used on a daily basis.


Psychology graduates can often be found in Education, this includes teaching at all school levels, from kindergartens to universities, even stretching to Special Needs institutions. The subjects that they teach are varied and also include Psychology.

To sum up, the main advantage of having a Psychology degree is its versatility. Please remember that this is not an extensive list of all the job options that a psychology degree can offer. Ultimately, as the modern world develops and becomes more technology driven, this list will expand even further and will open more doors for Psychology graduates.

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