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Top Personal Statement Questions: Answered

In light of our recent Masterclass on Perfecting Your Personal Statement, here’s our expert advice and responses to your most common questions.

How do I write a personal statement without work experience?

You can still write a brilliant personal statement with no work experience. While it’s definitely recommended, there are other ways to show the University that you’re right for the course.

First, write a list of anything you’ve accomplished, experienced, attended, read or watched that’s made an impact on you. Next (or if nothing comes to mind) search for online courses, podcasts, books or webinars about your chosen course.

Hugo Scheckter Masterclass ProfileWere you captain of the netball team? Highlight how your leadership and communication skills make you a perfect candidate for your Business Management degree. Did you attend a Feynman Education Masterclass on Player Care in the Premier League? Discuss how this opened your eyes to careers in sport.

The golden rule here is to show, rather than tell, the reader that you’ve gained (transferable) skills, knowledge and understanding of your course.

Can a personal statement exceed 4000 characters?

The short answer is no. To stay within the limits, you have to prioritise. This means asking yourself what parts of your writing follow that golden rule. To do so, highlight the most important information in one colour and less important details in another. If the less important information doesn’t show the reader that you’re a good fit for the course, then let it go.

Can a personal statement have bullet points?

Unlike this response, it cannot.
Structure your writing in paragraphs
Each paragraph should have a topic sentence
Each topic sentence should introduce a new reason why you’re suitable for the course
These reasons can be related to the skills and knowledge you’ve picked up from your subjects at school, books or content, work experience, or extracurriculars.

Where do I start with my personal statement?

Check this Insight out for some powerful opening statements.

Can I have help with my personal statement?

Of course. Our team of admissions experts, tutors, academic specialists have helped thousands of students get to their dream destinations.

Write to us and we’ll get back to you right away. To get the process started, feel free to attach your current Personal Statement on a message to our Experts directly.


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